Micropub Furniture

In case you don’t know what Micro Pubs & Bars are!

Micropubs or Micro Bars are the new trend replacing the standard large pubs in the UK. Most commonly replacing a shop on the high street they have grown in popularity not just by the public but also the business owners due to there lower rates and overheads. They have also become a popular way of making either a second income or career choice for the ‘middle aged man’.

Not owned or run by large breweries and allowed to serve locally sourced brewed ales, ciders or spirts they don’t usually feature large TV’s playing football or juke boxs and slot machines but have drinking quailty refreshments, cosiness, conversation and individuallity at its heart.

“The burgeoning micropub scene is helping to bring real ale to spaces where a traditional pub would not be appropriate, filling gaps on high streets and improving choice for drinkers” according to the Campaign for Real Ale.

The first British micropub opened in east Kent in 2005 after a licensing law shakeup which made it simpler to sell alcohol. The Butcher’s Arms near Herne Bay, housed in a former butcher’s shop, showed what could be done with a small (14ft by 12ft) room, an ale-loving landlord and a back-to-basics desire for conviviality and community.

Keeping it small – Micropub Furniture

Drakes can help supply furniture to micro bars and pubs with our massive knowledge and skills of carpentry and bespoke design and build of small Bars, fittings and seating. You can specify the wood, colour, upholstery, shape, size and budget or let us help you with ideas by showing you our past work.

Want your bar constructed out of old timber, pallets or other unusual material, no doubt we can do it!

We can supply a variety of small tables, small stools and chairs and other items to make your establishment utilise the most of its space. Mix and match or keep everything the same, let us quote you.

Small Stools


pub bar stool


Small & Compact Tables

pub table


Example bespoke small bar design and build


micropub furniture micropub bar build microbar



So if you’re starting off a new small bar venture or you’re a established business please give us a call on 01422 839690 or email us and speak to Neil or John who will be more than pleased to talk to you about your bespoke bar furniture build ideas and requirements. You won’t find a more reliable, helpful partner than Drakes.