restaurant furniture

Restaurant Furniture

Choosing your Restaurant furniture such as restaurant chairs, seating and tables can of course be intimidating as it has a massive part in how well your establishment is run and of course its feel. Read on to see if we can help you decide whats best for you and your customers.

Starting out a restaurant is pretty expensive and obviously you want to save money where at all possible, but choosing cheap restaurant furniture, however good looking it may be should not be an option for you. Think about the long run, while inexpensive furniture may be good for the short term do you really want to be replacing chairs after a few months? Restaurant chairs, booth seating and tables from Drakes are quality UK made, durable and long lasting.

Restaurant furniture, what design and type?


Will your restaurant cater mostly for large formal parties and meetings? Then you consider buying longer dining tables or large banquet tables. Is your theme more of a romantic setting? Then smaller tables are a must. Restaurants with a more formal theme may want to look at high-backed chairs. Restaurant chairs with a elegant or quality fabric and stained to your choice would be better for a fine dining eatery. Fixed booth seating can be great for family-friendly diners or a typical casual restaurant or eatery, they might be good for places where large groups go such as a Indian Restaurant.

The size of your restaurant

You ideally want to maximise the amount of tables and chairs in your restaurant while obviously taking care that you don’t squeeze people in and make the customer experience an unpleasant one. You also need to make sure that staff and customers have enough room to move between the chairs and tables.Table tops come in many shapes and sizes. The right table size depends on how many covers are required on each and what its used for. Just drinking requires a lot less space than quick meals; fine dining requires the most space allowing enough room for side plates and additional crockery & cutlery. A set of booths (fixed seating) maybe better for smaller compact establishments rather than large chairs and tables. Measure your eating area and plan out on paper how may people you want to fit in (ideally you need 70-80cm between tables) this should give you a good idea about the size of tables and chairs you could choose for your restaurant furniture.

Booth Seating for Restaurants

restaurant furniturerestaurant furnitureMade to fix you exact dimensions, space and style. Good for large restaurants that may cater for big groups they sometimes they are more popular with customers as they are comfortable and good for friendly environments. See products >


Wooden Restaurant Chairs

Or course, wooden chairs are the most popular of choices for restaurants and bars. They can be finished in a variety of stains and upholstered to your choice to increase comfort and match the style of your place. See all our chairs >



Metal Restaurant chairs

restaurant chairrestaurant chairAre obviously a great choice for restaurants with an outside area or banquette rooms, but can also fit in well in the main area of the restaurant depending on the style. The are of course easy to clean and look modern.



Bar Restaurant stools

restaurant stoolrestaurant stoolIf your restaurant has wall space you may want to consider utilising the space and adding some ‘high dining’ areas such as a bar area or high table with space for legs and feet underneath, we can build these to your bespoke requirements, just get in touch. See our bar stools >

Need help choosing your restaurant furniture?

Got ideas but need more help or a quote? Give the Drakes team a call on 01422 839690 or get in touch via out contact page