coffee shop furniture

What Coffee Shop Furniture?

We can help you

Starting a new Coffee shop or need to buy furniture for a new business? Need some advice on what to buy? Apart from super coffee the design and the shop furniture can make a massive difference. Can your customers get onto a high stool, will they be comfortable on hard chairs or do you also need soft upholstered ones, will you be catering for small children, what about baby highchairs?

Will you have enough space to offer a comfortable sofa to sit on for someone after a long walk? All these and many more factors could either make or break your Coffee Shop business.

We have a massive range of Furniture including Cafe Tables and Cafe Chairs all in a huge variety of sizes and shapes, we can also custom make your counter and bar so it all fits in with the vision in your head.

What size Tables and Chairs, and how many?

coffee shop furnitureYou ideally want to maximise the number of tables and chairs in your coffee shop while obviously taking care that you don’t squeeze people in and make the customer experience an unpleasant one by making people too close to each other.

You also need to make sure that staff and customers have enough room to move between the furniture. Get out a tape measure and look at your area.

Plan out on squared paper how may people you would like to fit in, ideally, you need roughly 80cm between tables this should give you a good idea about the size and amount you could choose.


Bespoke Coffee Shop Counter

Drakes are craftsmen, we’ve been making furniture and fittings for decades. Employing over 15 people ranging from joiners, upholsterers, polishers and designers we are capable of full refurbishments to making stools for the front of a bar. We also have a dedicated team who install fixed seating and bespoke joinery nationwide. All our employees are either time served officially trained craftsman or externally based professionals.

If you need a counter or bar building for your coffee shop, get in touch with us. If you’re local to us we can pop out and let you know what we think and give you some ideas. Have a look at our recent work here to get an idea about the vast amount of thing we can produce or just get in touch now and let’s discuss your ideas.