pub bar stools

Pub Bar stools, which and why?

Which pub bar stools?

With so many different shapes and styles of pub bar stools available, you are spoilt for choice.
Size and style do matter though depending on where you are putting them and the type of pub or bar you have. At Drakes we sell a variety of different styles, so lets run through them.

Traditional pub stools

Available in wood or cast iron metal, our traditional pub stools look the part in any typical British pub. They can come in any wooden finish (click here to view) and stain and we’ll even allow you to choose the fabric for the seat. These are great to allow people to pull up to a table or round an open fire and really give a ‘homely’ welcoming feel for your customers. Call us for a quote.

pub bar stoolpub bar stools

Modern Pub Bar Stools

If your a new bar or modern styled pub you will want to go for something a lot more modern than the above. Your choice of stools might be a bit more restricted because of the look of your establishment but we have you covered. We still can make your stools match by staining them in an appropriate colour and offer you discounts on bulk buys.

Small Pub Stools

Perfect for sitting around tables at the pub small pub bar stools allow a large amount of people to gather around. They are a popular choice for their inexpensive & versatility, luckily we stock and can build pretty much anything you like, below are just a few examples.

Tall Bar stools

If you want customers to be able to sit at your bar or have raised, tall tables in your premises you’ll need some tall bar stools. We have a variety of styles including metal in aluminium or steel, with or without backs. Wooden modern stools with fabric or hard seating and adjustable height and swivel.









Need help?

Give us a call or email us with a quote request, we are open 8.3- 4.30 monday to Friday to help with choosing your pub bar stools.