How to Choose Cafe Furniture

What makes a great Cafe and how do you choose Cafe Furniture? Well apart from super coffee, tea and of course great cake, the design and furniture within the Cafe make a huge difference. Can people get onto a Cafe high stool, will they be comfortable on hard chairs or do you also need upholstered ones, can you cater for small children and baby highchairs, will you have space to offer a comfortable sofa to sit on for someone after a hard day? All these and many more factors could either make or brake your Cafe venture.

It all obviously depends on what type of Cafe you have or want to create but we have a massive range of Cafe Furniture including Cafe Tables and Cafe Chairs all in a huge variety of sizes and shapes

What size Cafe Tables or Cafe Chairs?

cafe furnitureYou ideally want to maximise the amount of tables and chairs in your Cafe while obviously taking care that you don’t squeeze people in and make the customer experience an unpleasant one.

You also need to make sure that staff and customers have enough room to move between the chairs and tables. Measure your Cafe area and plan out on paper how may people you want to fit in giving ideally you need 70-80cm between tables this should give you a good idea about the size of tables and chairs you could choose.

Cafe Furniture – Any Stain, any finish

If you like the style of a chair but want them in a particular stain, more than likely we can do it for you. Need a set of bespoke cafe tables for a particular space and size, get in touch. Unlike other cafe furniture suppliers we have our own workshop which means we can produce bespoke orders.

Apart from cafe tables and cafe chairs we can also provide bars and advise what size Cafe stools would fit under it. We can take a circle or square table top and put it on your base of choice or create fitted seating for you in a variety of fabrics.

Is there a overwhelming saturation of Cafes and Coffee Shops now in the UK?

According to the UK Coffee Leader Summit: “The UK has become a nation of coffee drinkers, with coffee shop visitors purchasing an estimated 2.3 billion cups of coffee per year in stores. Consumers are more knowledgeable and empowered with choice than ever before, and the rise of artisan coffee has driven the desire for premium quality coffee. Leading chains continue to respond to this trend with improved store experience and product. With 8,200 machines, gourmet vending units now outnumber the branded chain market, meeting the growing consumer demand for specialty coffee anywhere and anytime.”

“The UK branded coffee shop segment is forecast to reach 9,400 outlets to record over £6 billion annual revenue by 2021. Over the next 3-5 years, branded chains will continue to perform strongly and meet intensifying competition through innovative strategies. Allegra predicts the total UK coffee shop market will exceed 32,000 outlets and a turnover of £16 billion by 2025, with an annual outlet growth of 6%. As coffee shops are increasingly viewed as the local of choice by British consumers, coffee shops are set to outnumber pubs in the UK by 2030.”

So there you have it, coffee shops and Cafes ‘could’ overtake Pubs in the next 15 years.

Let us help you create your dream venture by suppling your Cafe furniture. Enquire using our contact form here or on 01422 839690 or look around our site for your furniture and add your items to a quote and we will get back to you straight after our coffee and biscuits.