Drakes Bar Furniture completes Merchant House of Fleet Street

At Drakes, we don’t just sell and build furniture we design, build, install and fit out bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes. One of the latest was Merchant House in London were Drakes undertook the furniture supply, build and bar carpentry.

The 130 capacity bar is home to a massive variety of spirits and cocktails and features a large bar and design that features traditional and contemporary mixed up design. Funder and MD of Nomos Architecture said “We drew on the all-time companions of old money: massive dark wood and rich leather. The dark wooden panels of your seat finish just above eye height, sheltering you like a yacht in a harbour, while the centre-stage bar stands prominent, visible from every corner of the venue like a lighthouse.”


The venue has a contemporary natural ambience, with a rustic wood and white marble bar. Behind the bar are huge shelves showcasing the expansive whisky and spirits collection.

Drakes work included:

– Bar build
– Loose furniture
– Fixed seating
– Marble bar top with rounded corners
– ‘Exclusive’ area build

Find out more by visiting the site or indeed pop down for a fine whisky or cocktail.


Images Copyright and Ownership of Merchant House